Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Daily Task/Shared Living

For people living with disabilities, managing daily tasks can be tedious. Whitestar Care is an authorized NDIS provider, who have specialized and trained staff with the right skills and abilities to provide assistance with daily task and shared living.

Our assistance with daily tasks/shared living supports our clients with everyday personal activities that help them to live as autonomously as possible both at home and in the community.

Our Daily Task/Shared Living services are available whether you are living in your home, living in a shared accommodation arrangement, or a rental property.  We assure to maintain your privacy and confidential issues with respect and in an elegant manner.

Our support includes but is not limited to:

  • Assisting with toilet and cleaning.
  • Assist with all household chores.
  • Assist with meal preparation.
  • Assisting with budgeting.
  • Assistance with Medication.
  • Assisting disabled people with written messages, completing pending forms, and paying bills.
  • Assist to maintain overall health and well being

We would be glad to hear from you! If you have any related to our personal care services that we provide, kindly give us a call now.