Assist Travel Support

Assist Travel Support is provided to those who find it difficult to travel on their own due to their disability. This type of support relates to the support of our clients in transferring from one location to another. At Whitestar Care, our trained staff members can drive them to and from their place of work to appointments and take you back home when you are done. 

Our transport services are booked on a regular basis such as regular medical appointments or weekly trips to the shopping malls. Our transport assistance professionals are well-qualified with valid driver’s licenses and background checks. This assures that we strive to provide you with safe, convenient support, booked in advance to take you to:

  • Medical Appointments
  • School or any other educational facilities
  • Workplace
  • Local Shopping Centre
  • Any other place in your community

In order to avail of our transport support, you just need to schedule an appointment with us and our trained team will manage the rest. Our team operates under a systematic and scheduled travel plan to ensure that you experience a safe journey.