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At Whitestar Care, We’re delivering superior outcomes with our all-inclusive support to avail what’s right for you and helps you achieve your NDIS goals.

Plan Management

Whitestar Care is a specialised and independent NDIS plan manager based in Melbourne. Our plan management team is available all time to take care of the financial side of your NDIS plan and budget. With the plan management covered under the NDIS plan, you don’t have to worry about the extra costs.

Group / Centre Activities

We can help NDIS Participants to take more control over their plan by helping them to provide group or centre-based activities that will help them to connect with the entire community. This is a centre-based activity and our support workers will help you to connect with the community resources that will give you the most value.

Accommodation / Tenancy

Whitestar Care offers a range of accommodation services to NDIS participants which includes SIL, STA. Our accommodation service will help you to discover more opportunities to meet new people, attempt new activities under the complete guidance and supervision of experts.

Participate Community

Community Participation is an important service for many of the NDIS Participants as it is a way of remaining connected with the people and places that are significant for them. At Whitestar Care, we not only help you to feel connected with other like-minded people and your community but also help you with your overall well-being.

Household Tasks

As a registered NDIS service provider, we provide a range of personalised solutions for all kinds of home care and aged care requirements. We provide exceptional housekeeping services such as General cleaning, Kitchen, Outdoors, or Laundry. Our home care packages are available to cater to your household needs and provide you extra time for self-care.

Community Nursing Care

Community nursing care services exist to meet your clinical and personal needs so that you can live your life as independently as possible. Our well-experienced nurse is always available to provide you with nursing care services both in your home or in the community, and you can access this service on a regular or occasional basis.

Assist Personal Activities

Whitestar Care is glad to support you in performing the daily activities of your life. Our Assist with personal activities service is designed to provide NDIS participants with the reasonable and necessary support to take part in daily activities like supporting you take part in social recreational activities or helping to prepare food for themself.

Daily Task / Shared Living

With us, you can get assistance or supervision with daily tasks in shared accommodation with an aim of enhancing the skills of an individual to live as freely as possible. Our Daily task/shared living service is available whether you live independently, in group, or in shared living arrangements. Our well-experienced team is always available to offer you the general skills for daily living.

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Whitestar Care provides Disability Support Services operating in Melbourne Australia.

Whitestar Care is a client-oriented NDIS service provider. We prioritise the requirements, needs, and choices of people with disabilities. At Whitestar Care, we are committed to promoting independence while offering effectiveness and quality to those who are looking for complete NDIS assistance. Our personalised services exhibit the NDIS principles of choice and control of each individual. We make every effort to support each individual to attain their goal and enable them to live the life they choose. You can reach us anytime to know more about our support and services. 

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Why Choose Us?

Whitestar Care is here to cater to your needs and in doing so we assure that NDIS participants access support that promotes, justifies, and admires their legal and human rights and are enabled to implement informed choice and control.

Reliable Staff

All our support coordinators are dedicated to look after the well-being of a person and take pride in what they do. Our reliable team maintains current police checks, working with children check, and Disability worker exclusion checks. Our entire staff is reliable, caring, and compassionate.

Industry Experience

Our support coordinators have extensive years of industry experience in the disability sector. They are highly competent at helping you to understand your NDIS program, implement your desired plan, and assures to find exemplary products and services that best meet your needs.


As our client-oriented service provider, we treat every NDIS participant with respect and dignity. Here, we assure you that your privacy is protected and your information is kept confidential at all times.

Customer Support

Our dedicated customer care team is well experienced and has the understanding to discuss any issues or concerns you may have, or any aspect of our services to assure that you get most of your NDIS program. Our customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to resolve all your issues.